Archival C-Type photographic and Giclée prints are produced on our colour calibrated systems. Using our Lightjet 430 and Epson printers we can assure you of high quality photographic output and giclée fine art reproductions. We offer extensive testing and image manipulation services on a one-to-one basis to help you realise the best quality from your images.

We offer 4 different options with relevant pricing. These will depend on the level of assistance you require as detailed below

LEVEL 1 - No Assistance

This service is aimed at those clients who can provide images correctly sized, colour adjusted and ready to print with no additional operator intervention.

LEVEL 2 - Limited Assistance

Our LEVEL 2 service is aimed at clients who want high quality prints with the minimum of operator intervention. We will check your image prior to printing to ensure size etc is correct with minor adjustments made if necessary. To avail of this service we recommend that you download our Lightjet profile and use our monitor settings and guidelines.

LEVEL 3 - One-to-One Assistance

Our LEVEL 3 service is aimed at clients who want to work on a one-to-one basis with a professional operator, working with images on a calibrated monitor, retouching, colour adjusting, resizing, adding borders etc and approving test prints prior to final production.

If you wish to spend time with us in the studio, this will be charged on a half hourly basis of £25.00+VAT. It is advisable that you download our colour profile and set up your monitor correctly to ensure colour accuracy prior to sending us your files.

LEVEL 4 - Virtual Assistance

Our LEVEL 4 service is designed for clients unable to avail of a one-to-one service for geographical or other reason, but you require all the attention of the LEVEL 3 service. We will take instruction over the phone or by email, make the necessary adjustments as requested, and send via the post, test prints for approval prior to final production


Print Ready Files - - -
Checked by Operator -
Colour & Other Adjustments -
Resizing, Borders, Cropping -
1 Test Print included -  • ✓**
Studio 1-1 - - ✓* -
Offline Studio Work - - -

- N/A
Available @ £3.50 per test
Included as Standard
✓* Charged at £12.50 per 15 minutes
✓** 2 Test prints included – additional tests @ £3.50 each


Test Prints

8” x 6” test prints are available at £3.50 each. Should you require full size section proofs, these will be charged at 25% of the cost of final print based on LEVEL 2 pricing matrix

Archiving / Edition

Our “ARCHIVE” service is designed for any client who would wish to order future “EDITION” prints. Your approved image file will be provided on disk together with a print for archiving. An additional print will be kept in our files to ensure any future order is accurately matched for “EDITION” prints.

While this is available at no extra charge for OPTIONS 3 & 4 it is available to anyone at a cost of £10.00


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