Iris Colour knows that students are the clients of the future and we will be delighted to assist you in achieving the best possible results. To ensure you get the best out of your time with us we would request that you observe the following:

Please make an appointment prior to your visit. While we will always try to accommodate you it is important that we each understand each other?s commitments.

Familiarise yourself with our pricing structures, paying particular attention to our printing section. Here you will choose which level of printing you will need.

Download our colour profiles and monitor settings, taking care to reduce the brightness of your monitor to closely emulate the colour of paper.

Please bring along any printed samples that you have or would like to match.

Leave plenty of time to have your work printed. Please understand that with the best will in the world we sometimes are in a position that we must carry out routine maintenance on our equipment. This may be as a result of a break down or laser that needs replacing. In any case we always rectify these issues with urgency. In the unlikely event of any of the above occurring it is vital that we have a mutual understanding of the importance of deadlines.

Whilst we endeavour to produce top quality printing and mounting services, if we fail to satisfy at any level, please let us know immediately. If you don?t tell us then we are unable to rectify the problem resulting in dissatisfaction for both parties.


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